Elevate Your Mind

On what level do you experience the world? Are you stuck in fixed mindset or are you growing yourself, your mind and the people around you? Get out of victim mode. Even the most “successful” people in the world has bad days. They are working hard not be there for long and stay in the “Through Me” or “As Me” mode as much as the can. And so should you!

And do check out What my friend Tess writes about Peter Sage in Swedish. Both his levels of thinking about the world and experience the world.

I also recorded a new pod in English about Hacking Your Future.

Happy Hacking!
Happy Future!

Level Up Your Consciousness

In what mode to you view the world and everything that is happening? What is your attitude towards events and your level of control over them? A long favorite of mine, Peter Sage, explains in such a great way in this 5 minute clip from the long talk with Peter Sage on London Real where he explains 4 the levels of awareness in which you interact with the world. And it’s well worth it to listen his whole talk on London Real.

These levels are in some way correlated to Robert Kegan’s research on the five orders of consciousness. Where by training your brain in various ways creates a lot more connections between your synapses over the years and thereby reaching new levels of consciousness. Give him a listen on the RSA. Or read about his 5 levels here. The 4th level ‘Self-Authoring’ Mind and the 5th level ‘Self-Transforming’ Mind is in some way connected with Peter’s 3rd and 4th level. You can get there faster by the right stimuli but it is still going to take years and you are likely to get there by midlife.

Get to it, and start level up your own mind and help elevate your core group around you.

Peter Sage on London Real

Peter Sage on London Real

1 – To Me – Victim Mode

This is the Victim mode. Were the world happens to you. You are not in control of your own fate and your are constantly blaming others and world events for your demise. This is a very hard mode to get out of. It has very much to-do with the people that surround you. Oftentimes is it essential that you upgrade your peer group if you can. Other ways can be to get a mentor or a role-model to mimic. The hardest part is often to recognise that you can change. This is also called of having a fixed mindset. Or playing the blame game.

To get out you have to do what Derek Sivers says: Purge The Vampires! And upgrade your peer group. You are standing beside the river are envious on those to seem to swim so easily in it.

2  – By Me – Go Get It Mode

This is when you have a Go get it attitude towards the world. You are trying to take full control of the reins of your life, bending everything around you to your will. You set goals and you go after them. You have given up blame and started coming more into a growth mindset. You take personal responsibility for your future. To jump in the river and swim against the current.

Life happens by you. This will often result in clash of wills and conflict of interest. To level up from this mode you often need more wisdom and influence of kindness. It can be done by just starting to give more.

3 – Through Me – Flow Mode

You start seeing the world more like a flow state. Life happens through you. You are losing up your need for control. You start building your network by giving instead of taking. In some magical way, the more you give the more things are stating flow back to you. Life happens for you. You start have faith in those around you and you start building trust.

Here is also differs a little from Robert Kegan’s view as you can reach this level of understanding at a you age and still not had time to make all synapse connection in your brains that come with wisdom. Still you will reach his 4th level of the ‘Self-Authoring’ Mind much quicker by being in this mindset.

You start getting the river to work for you. You use the current and the winds to take you not in a straight line but to unexpected places by being open to change and by being curious. You can more easily let go of the FOMO. You stop chasing goals and trust the direction, the journey and the dreams of your life.

You level up yourself and elevate everyone around you. The world is no longer a zero sum game. With the help of mindfulness to take your mind further. You take you core group with you on your journey.

4 – As Me – Oneness Mode

You become one with the universe, Literally. As everything in the universe affect everything else.

See yourself in everything else. A conscious unity with everything around you. Get into oneness with the universe.

Give up the illusion of separateness! – Peter Sage

This is of course not a state you can be in all the time. It’s a journey. Towards unconditional love. You enter this mode as often as you can through various activities like meditation and mindfulness. Here is where is model differs from Kegan’s model too. But the more connected your mind becomes when entering the ‘Self-Authoring’ Mind and the ‘Self-Transforming’ Mind mode the more easy it will become to enter As Me thinking.

There is also the other way into this way of experience the world, that can entered by switching on what Jonathan Hadit calls “The Hive-Switch” in the mind. You do this by doing things like experience Awe of nature. Some other ways to activate this mode in the brains is to take psilocybin or getting into trance dancing rave.

I’m a raver for life!

I think they are very related.

Hack The Future

You can’t solve a problem on the same level thinking that created the problem –  Albert Einstein

And that sums up they way to actually build a better future. We climb both the ladders above. Both Peter’s description on how we experience the world and Kegan’s thinking on how we grow our minds.

To change a behaviour you need a new emotional level of understanding. To shift your thinking from a goal to an identity. Working with identities is very powerful. Have identity shifts. redefine your current identities and make up new ones.

The strongest force in human personality is the need to remain consistent with how you define yourself, your identity – Peter Sage & Tony Robinson

So set yourself for the win. Get the right peer groups and mentors that enforces the shift in identity and behaviour. If you can’t find a mentor do what I and many, many more people have done throughout history

– -> Read their books. And in recent years we also have access to fantastic mind-boggling podcasts and online lecture video talks like TED and Talks at Google and many more. This how I have spent the last 4 years leveling up my mind and thinking.

And put yourself in the right environment.

If you are trying to eat less sugar. Don’t have sugar at home and don’t hang around people drinking soda. Don’t define yourself as a recovering sugar addict. Be a happy life-hacker and spend time with other health hackers.

If you want to start exercising more. Pack your back the night before and define yourself as a fitness person. Hang out with people training and join them for a group exercise.

Connection Intelligence

In the right environment we also connect our brain to other brains. That is how we elevate our brains, minds and thinking. We do it in a network. All standing on the giants who came before us. And now as change are speeding up we also build on the giants that are climbing with us side by side.

Go find a mastermind group or a creative hub or cluster and spend time with the brains there!


To elevate your life, spend time with other people elevating their lives and yours. And do return the favor in kind by elevating them back.

I also want mention Theory.U like Tess does. It is three principal ways to approach the world. Through Open MindOpen Heart and Open Will.

Open Mind

Having an Open Mind means you have a curious approach to the world. Being curious and asking a lot of interesting and dumb question opens up for creativity. The opposite of judging.

Open Heart

This is opening up and being vulnerable. To practice your compassion towards others and try to understand what you and they are feeling. To have an Open Heart towards the world.

Open Will

To have the courage to do what is right. And not give in, into the fear of the tribe ostracizing you. Be brave and have an Open Will.

And find a tribe that encourages all this behavior.

I’m Captain Future

We Are The Heroes Of Our Time

So last night was the Eurovision Song Contest final in Stockholm. This year was filled with lots of songs who ment well in the lyrics. Still they never struck an emotional cord with me and they didn’t exactly make me dance infront of the TV either, like expected from a song in the Eurovision. Not like last year. Where Måns Zelmerloew’sHeroes made me shiver in my spine. And he still did this year when he preformd his Heroes.


Måns Zelmerloew – Heroes

We Are The Heroes Of Our Time

The main reason we went to the moon, we didn’t know beforehand. It was only when we got the first picture of our own planet that it became a lot more obvious that we live on a spaceship traveling around the sun. Be cause we humans need to see things with our eyes before most things becomes obvious and real to us. Or at least on a picture [Pic or it didn’t happen]

To become heroes we need heroes whom we can model us after

But we are dancing with the demons in our mind

For all the talk about success in business and money it is clear that there are only one measurement of success. What we leave behind. Both or offspring in our tribes (because we are social animals) and the hunting grounds where they will flourish. We also leave our made up stories and societies for them to flourish in. Yesterday we left much to chance what we left behind.

We are the heroes on who’s shoulders they will stand on

What are our shoulders?

We have now come to a point, where success only means leaving behind much more carefully thought out stories and societies. And yet many are still chasing the olden stories of success. That won’t cut it anymore.

We need to step our game. To become true Heroes of our time. To take the helm of this Spaceship and become true Captains of its fate.

We are the captains of our time!

Our consciousness is expanding. We move forward in the sense what we care about. To care for the other is to care for ourselves and to care for ourselves is to care for the other. – Jason Silva

Spaceship Earth

It is truly time to take the human race forward. There are so many forces that working backwards and trying to put us back in a dark age filled with ignorance and superstition still. We have out win the this race by showing and connection the world to a new enlightenment. I know Jason Silva is doing his part with his Shots of Awe videos like this one: The Search For The Rhapsodic. Let the rest of us find how we can do our part. And don’t do it alone. Find your Team and it together!

We are the Captains of Spaceship Earth! – Buckminster Fuller

Let’s act the part!

Let’s join together all become Future Captains & Future Heroes!

To make a dent in the universe!

I’m Captain Future

May The 4th

Today is #MayThe4th. Find out below why this is important and why we should celebrate it and invent more special days to celebrate!

And do check out my friend Sara Modig’s reason to celebrate and become more Force Attuned here: May The Force Be With You!

Why do we celebrate holidays?

It’s quite easy. We humans need regular reminders of things that is important. Things to think of and things to rejoice in. Both bad & good. And we need more celebration. To celebrate both the small and the big. It is part of being human. I supposed we celebrated when the tribe brought back a big hunt or when we found a tree full of delicious fruits. Even my dog, Lord Milton, gets super excited everyday when it’s time to feed. As we started living in more fictitious worlds were most of the things we do, are very made up, we came up with more creative ways to celebrate.

And today is a very crazy celebration. We celebrate Star Wars DayMay The 4th. If you have to ask the guys in Big Bang Theory will explain it to you.



Happy Star Wars Day from Captain Future!

It’s all made up

As made up holidays goes, this one is a really big one. Even Facebook made a special celebration link for it. Since Star Wars is one of the worlds biggest stories. And us true fans are as fanatic as the fans of the big old stories about Jesus and Jebus😉

You see, story unites us. It’s the only thing that ever has. And since the J-Guy has so man holidays still, it’s about time we invent new ones for the characters that really moves us. Like Yoda and Obi Wan (Or Lord Vader). I think we need a lot more of these new kind of holidays. That can really unite us behind values we believe in.

It’s not often talked about. But Fairytales has always been the main carrier of the common beliefs that sets the standard on how we build our societies and how we behave. We have just forgotten in our modern busy & busy societies, where somehow we have gotten the idea that Fairytales should just be a way for us to distract and entertain us. Do you even know what entertain means? And the big Fairytale-Companies has jumped on the idea that stories are just for making money, in most cases anyway. There are exceptions. Those how don’t buy or spread the Blockbuster Myth.

For me there are 3 major modern Fairytales and Fairytale Universes that set themselves aside from the rest of the movies. Movies that hover above the rest. That are more than movies. That only get better the more you watch and delve into them. For me as a Geek they are Star Wars and Marvel CU and The Matrix. I will explore them each below.

Star Wars

When I was young I sometimes tried to move object with the force. This because, since the first time I saw the first Star Wars movies I fell in love. There was so much there to love. And I’m not the only one. And I have not yet succeeded in either moving objects or hovering in the air. Except in my dreams where I often can fly or levitate in some form. And of course being a Jedi stands for using all your abilities to do good in the world. Something needed in so many more people in the world today. We can’t get enough Star Wars and what it teaches us.

To dream, to invent, to fly and to be nice!


What Marvel Studios have done is nothing short of amazing. They brought so many of the super heroes alive for us. And in such a good way. The characters are charming, filled with energy & humor and just amazing. And they try to do the right thing for the right reason. I am of course talking about the movies with Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Falcon, Ant-Man, Dr.Banner, Loki and Scarlet Witch.

They both celebrate what is to be a hero and using your powers for good.

With great powers comes great responsibilities – Stan ‘The Man’ Lee

The Matrix


This is the story, that together with Ghost in the Shell, that have had the most influence on my life above anything else, I think. I tell most of my story of me here: Living in The Matrix for 17 years. It opened my already half-opened eyes for a completely new way to view the Reality around me. I now thought it possible to hack my own reality. I made my own matrix hairstyle, my own family name [Sillion] and eventually 15 years later, re-invented my whole life into the journey, that I am now on. Appearing as my Residual Self Image.

I am Captain Future!

And the fact that the world is filled with people who constantly refer to The Matrix, like Tom Bilyeu on Inside Quest who’s mission in life it is, to unplug people from The Matrix. Just like I want to do!

And the awesome panel of 2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation? with Neil deGrasse Tyson. There are so many concepts in The Matrix Movies that explores what is to be alive today on Spaceship Earth.

When is Marvel Day and The Matrix Day?

Let’s Celebrate!

To sum it up. There is nothing strange about celebrating holidays build on Fairytales. Every holiday we have are built on some fictitious event or made up reason to celebrate. And there is nothing wrong with that. In a global world we need global stories to come together too. We just need to make sure that the ones we celebrate are in some way taking us further as a species … Together.

I think we need a lot more holidays that celebrates the good parts of being human. To bring us together … as families, as tribes, as societies and as a space faring species on Spaceship Earth.

Let’s Celebrate!


/Lord Sillion
I’m Captain Future!

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Morpheus R2D2

Hur skapar vi framtiden tillsammans?

Framtidspodden är nu redo för fas 2.

Hela mitt liv är i en stor om-definition. Att prata med dom gäster jag gjort hitintills i Framtidspodden plus alla människor runtomkring har satt mitt liv i ny riktning som Framtidskapten. Mycket handlar om att “Leda från den framväxande framtiden” som Otto Scharmer lär ut i sin fantastiska MOOC U.Lab – Leading from the Emerging Future.

Jag ser fram emot att spela in samtal med nya spännande gäster om hur vi skapar framtiden tillsammans. Jag kommer åka till Alemdalen i år som Framtidskapten för att dels interagera med så många av er framtidshjältar som möjligt.

Vill du skapa framtiden med mig i Almedalen?

Jag kommer göra att ett spännande projekt kring hur vi skapt en bättre framtid tillsammans. Vill du vara med på det så hör av dig.
Ska du till Almedalen?

Jag ska åka på Future Insight 2030 i Oslo den 10 maj. Vi kör Party For Change efter på kvällen med och det blir kanske flera intressanta event den 11 maj med.

Det blir en hel dag med innovation och kreativitet i Varberg fredagen den 27 maj. Jag håller själv i en Framtidsfrukost med en nytänkande workshop. Dagen avslutas med en AW och jag tar oss vidare med framtidsfest hela kvällen lång. Du är välkommen till Varberg då!

24 maj intar vi Liseberg med Världens Farligaste Möte.
Jag dyker upp på #gbgTechWeek 12-19 maj på flera av eventen.

Det kommer mer!

Behöver du eller ditt event en Framtidskapten?

I’m Captain Future


I’m Captain Future!

Cursed or Blessed?

It’s just when I shave and get ready for bed that my brains suddenly decides to flip on. It hits me some key insights to write in my coming book.

Am I cursed or blessed?

I am what some call a night person. This doesn’t of course happens every night. And don’t if I was like this when I was young. I do know that at the age 19 it occurred almost every night. I lived at home while string on University. After my parents had gotten to bed I used  to sneak up to watch the late running of Star Trek The Next Generation on Sky One. And mostly my brain just went bonkers. Back then I had now idea where to turn this energy. Some nights I would go down to the sea to watch the full moon when it was up and just wonder in my thoughts. Or just go to bed realigning until I fell asleep.

I do know that even earlier age that me and my friends used to stay up late on the weekends and play roleplaying and boardgames together. Then in the middle of the night when we were finished and when outside to go home we could sometimes start talking about both the gaming and various philosophical subjects at least 1 to 2 hours longer. Often very loud to our neighbors peril.

Kung Fu

The funny part with me if I got to bed early and got a good nights sleep I was alleys very cheerful and full of energy right out of bed. Humming a merry tune and jumping up and down the stairs. I could jumpstart my brain this way too.

When I don’t get enough sleep my brains seldom spins. The answer to this has of course always been to sleep during the day or the afternoon. Is this a curse or a blessing?

What about you?
Are you a morning or a night person?
Or both or neither?

I am of course writing this in the middle of the night right after I gotten down some very good 1000 words on my upcoming book.

Good night!
Or Good morning!

/Lord Sillion
Signing Out!



Hack The Future

Hack The Future


There is a shift in The Matrix. Something has happened. Most of the people haven’t noticed anything … yet. But we are many who have. The tone and the conversation is different. We have started rallying against all that is wrong in the world. We have started to look for ways to hack our common future. Or maybe it is just possible we are already live in The Matrix … A Simulated Universe. Like the discussion in this panel lead by Neil deGrasse Tyson –>
[2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation?]
And then hacking it should be more easy?

The stereo sound was very confusing so I made a Mono mp3 file :)

Hack Away!


#HackTheFuture #EarthDay #Ulab #CloneClub #TheMatirx

Leading  From An Emerging Future

This week is Earth Day. Where we celebrate our Spaceship Earth, the way we want it to be. This week I also took part of the follow-up live session for U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self with Otto Scharmer. It’s a new way of thinking when it comes to create the future, the way we want it to be. It’s all about presenting the future to become, and then go create it. Prototype it as you go and learn to really listen and sense, the best possible future. Then act on what we collectively are feeling and thinking on this future. It really works. There are parts of this that are already accepted science and practices. Some call it Fake it till you make it. Others call it Priming your brain. We can together incrementally, hack our brains and reality to reach a new level of understanding of ourselves and the world around us.


#EarthDay CloneClub

Also The Collapse of Nature and  Transgressive Border Crossing is the latest episode of Orphan Black. The latest season has picked up on the Neolutionist Body Hacking story. It’s about hacking your own body. Something that many futurists think will become a common practice soon.

Dr. Leekie: Neolution is an open-source concept. We embrace the fringes. They’re fiction to our science. 

Beth: Well, your book inspires them to play God… to tinker on themselves in basement labs. 

Dr. Leekie: Every scientific discovery in history, including God, began with tinkering in a basement. 

Beth: God was a scientific discovery? 

Dr. Leekie: A little joke. We’re all impatient for the future. 


The Neolution Book – Detective Beth meeting Dr. Leekie in Orphan Black

If we are going to hack the future, let’s make sure we make it a good one!

/Lord Sillion
I’m Captain Future




2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation

2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation?

2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation?

En Kreativ Framtid


En Kreativ Framtid


Jag tror på En Kreativ Framtid

Vad är alternativet?

En framtid där vi inte löser alla dom utmaningar vi har?

Frågan då är nu, hur och hur snabbt tar vi oss dit?

Det vi nu är att vi lever i den stora accelerationen. Hur vi än gör så kommer förändringarna i samhället och hela biosfären påverka oss alla. Vi kan antingen ta en passiv roll eller en aktiv roll i ett skapa dessa förändringar. Framtiden är summan av alla våra handlingar. Se det så här: om 10 personer spenderar dagen med att gräva en grop för att bygga en stor hög på dagen och sen 10 andra personer spenderar natten med att lägga tillbaka högen i gropen. Hur hög är högen efter en vecka?

Elon Musk säljer inte en elektrisk bil utan tron på en bättre framtid – Lord Sillion

Om istället alla 20 personerna spenderar tiden med att båda bygga högen, hur hög blir den då efter en vecka?

Det är vi detta samarbetet, när vi gör säkrar tillsammans efter samma vision om framtiden som vi faktiskt kan flytta berg tillsammans. Och detta behövs, för vi har stora utmaningar framför oss som människor på jorden och vi ska kunna leva i ett blomstrande samhälle här långt in i framtiden. Det är ingen anna som skapar framtiden. vi gör den tillsammans.

Hur gör vi då?

Det vi behöver göra är att lära varandra en bättre attityd. Carol Dweck kallar det för ett Growth Mindset. Det är lättast gjort när vi är väldigt små men kan naturligtvis göras med varierande svårighetsgrad i alla åldrar.

Det som behövs är att vi skapar miljöer och sammanhang där det smittar av sig till andra. Det kana vara lärare, mentorer eller din närmaste grupp som påverkar dig. I många fall kan även böcker, poddar, online videos eller föreläsningar var en källa för pepp och inspiration. Vi kallar det för livslångt lärande.

Creativity, Compassion, Composure och Collaboration

En av mina idoler är Ken Robinson. Jag hittade ett 6 minuters klipp där han summerar vad vi behöver för att vi ska ta oss an framtiden utmaningar. Vi behöver:

Kreativitet och Nyfikenhet

Vi behöver förmågan att sätta vart sinne i Öppet läge, som John Cleese kallar det. Det är då vi kan vara kreativa. Det är ett läge fyllt av lekfullhet, silliness, nyfiken och humor. Det är bäst gjort i grupp där alla är i det öppna läget och allt är tillåtet. Efter det kan vi sen bli produktiva i ett mer stängt läge av hjärnan, där vi sållar och gör verklighet av några av våra idéer. Det gör förstås bäst genom att experimentera och skapa prototyper.

Empati och Medkännande

Genom att träna upp oss på se världen genom andras ögon kan vi lättare förstå vad andra har för utmynnar och hjälpa dom bättre. Att träna på sätta oss in andras situationer och möta dom där dom är. Detta är en färdighet. En muskel som kan träna varje dag för att bli bra eller bättre på det.

I detta ingår även att bli bättre lyssnare och kännare. Att kunna göra det som kallas för “Deep Listening“. Att höra och förstå både i meningen och bortom orden.

Medvetenhet och Sinnesnärvaro

Det kallas Mindfulness. Det är ett sätt att hitta dig själv och bli kompis med din bästa livspartner. Din egen kropp och hjärna. Att bli närvarande i din egen resa. Att hitta din egen spiriualitet. Och då inte i den religösa meningen. Utan den inbyggda förmågan i våra hjärnor att hålla något heligt. Att hitta hem till dig själv.

Samarbete och Öppenhet

Människan är skapad av samarbete. Vi har förmågan att både samarbeta i stora grupper med främlingar och även skapa flexibla lösningar. Det är detta som gör oss unika bland alla djuren.

Vi har fått ett fantastisk nytt verktyg för att på riktigt skapa en global värld, som först nu börjar förstå på en större skala. Och det är naturligt vis: mobiler med förmågan att ta selfies. Just kidding, det är ju där är ju MMORPGs som World Of Warcraft. Just kidding, sort of, nästan. Det är ju nämligen det som gör dom andra möjligt. Nämligen internet. Det är dock spel som World Of Warcraft där många först såg femomentet att kunna sammarbeta med helt okända spelare världen över, i att lösa en utmaning eller quest ihop. Men även alla dessa forum och Facebook grupper världen över som kopplar samman oss i att lösa utmaningar ihop.

Ju mer vi ser fördelarna med samarbete och öppenhet desto bättre lättare kommer det bli att ersätta gamla modeller för hur vi gjorde saker innan. Även om motståndet kommer vara stort ibland.

En ny typ av ledare

Det som Elon Musk  har gjort med Tesla är fantastiskt. Han har inte bara sålt en revolutionerande elbil. Han har även sålt framtiden till oss. Hoppet om en bättre framtid. Som en sann visionär och KPI (Key Person of Influence) visar vad som borde vara möjligt för många fler företagare och andra ledare om dom inte sitter fast i med ett stängt sinne i en värld där man är för rädd för att förlora det man har. Öppna upp och bli en ledare in i framtiden.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete - Buckminster Fuller

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete – Buckminster Fuller

Faster Faster

Hur ska vi då snabba på det hela?

Jo bli mycket mer nyfiken på världen. Leta upp dom som redan lever i framtiden. Bli som dom. Ta med dig den energin och attityden till alla andra du möter. Prata om det.

Börja gör saker, experimentera. Skapa prototyper ihop med andra. Inte bara leksaker utan hela tanke-experiment och företag ihop.

Man blir som man umgås

Se till att snabba på samtalet och införande at Universal Basic Income. Så att vi alla kan bli av med stressen och ångesten och vågar satsa på våra drömmar och prototyper.

Let’s Make the Future Great!

/Lord Sillion
I’m Captain Future